SASHTO 2013 Asheville, North Carolina August 24-28

SASHTO 2013 Asheville, North Carolina August 24-28

/// Overview

  • Over 1,100 representatives from all 12 member states and Puerto Rico, as well as local and federal transportation agencies and private-sector companies gathered to exchange ideas and best practices.
  • The conference offered 12 Technical Sessions consisting of 35 individual presentations.
  • The Trade Show was at 100% capacity, with 74 exhibits showcasing products and services of 71 organizations (including all member states and as far away as CA, WS, NY and WI).


  • North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, NCDOT Secretary Tony Tata, along with N.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker and N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary John Skvarla, opened the conference with a discussion on team work and strong collaboration among government agencies.
  • The first ever “SASHTO States – USDOT Roundtable Discussions” brought together more than 50 participants who met in three sessions on emerging MAP-21 regulations for Asset Management, Freight Planning, Planning and Program Delivery, Safety, and System Performance.
  • SASHTO provided $15,000 to each member state, for a total of $195,000, in scholarship funds for students entering the civil engineering or environmental studies fields.
  • SASHTO organizers provided 800 Go Local Cards to attendees to encourage shopping at locally owned businesses. The Asheville City Schools Foundation received a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of the cards to pay for the completion of the Hall Fletcher Mural Project at an elementary school of the same name in Asheville.
  • SASHTO organizers partnered with the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau and local merchants to provide SASHTO Dollars to each registered guest redeemable at local merchants.

/// Approved changes to the SASHTO Constitution and Bylaws

The SASHTO Board of Directors met with representatives of all 12 states and Puerto Rico in attendance, and approved the following changes to the association’s Constitution and Bylaws:

  • Separation of the duties of the Secretary and Treasurer
  • Appointment of David Lee of Florida DOT to a three-year term as Secretary
  • Creation of a SASHTO Strategic Transportation Issues Committee (STIC)
  • Passage of 11 specific resolutions
  • Election of Louisiana DOTD Secretary Sherri LeBas SASHTO President for 2013-2014
  • Election of Tennessee DOT Secretary John Schroer as Vice-President