SASHTO 2019 Annual Meeting Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, GA.

Georgia DOT hosted the 78th Annual Southern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Conference in August 2019. This conference showcases the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, share best practices, participate in technical sessions on highway and transportation matters, network with industry representatives and bask in the southern hospitality.


Meeting Date
May 23, 2019
September 24, 2018


Monday, August 19

Group A
A1: Hearing the Voice of Industry in Freight Planning, Performance and Funding
A2: Cyber Information Security Solution & Data Governance
A3: The Future of Infrastructure and Mobility from Multiple Perspectives: A Connected Autonomous Vehicle Discussion
A4: Are we there yet? Performance-Based Considerations and the Green Book 8 Vision

Group B
B1: Collaboration and Innovation Driving Continuous Improvement: Make it Better
B2: Come to STEP Live!
B3: Going Beyond: How DOTs are Cutting Through the Clutter to More Effectively Engage the Public
B4: Peace of Mind is Priceless: Determining Structual Integrity Non-Invasively

Tuesday, August 20

Group C
C1: Managed Lane Implementation: A ‘Moving’ Story is Unfolding
C2: Designing a Road Map for Success – Workforce Planning for DOTs in Today’s Economy
C3: Lets Get Practical: Performance Based Practical Design Policies
C4: The Eye of the Storm: Hurricane Emergency Management

Group D
D1: Accelerated Bridge Construction: Building on the ABCs
D2: Advancing Transportation Asset Management (TAM) Implementation at State DOTs
D3: Uncommon Practices to Gain Efficiency in Environmental Processes
D4: Bridging the Digital Divide: Use of Right-of-Way for 5G, Utilities and Beyond